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About Us

N4 Pharma is a drug reformulation company focused on developing and out licensing new versions of existing and novel high value drugs with an unmet commercial or medical need.


N4’s commercial strategy is to advance a pipeline of products through clinical proof of concept and then partner to take the products through the relevant regulatory pathway studies to regulatory approval.


N4 has two proprietary platform delivery system technologies allowing it to improve a drug’s performance, the first using co-crystals to improve a drug’s solubility and the second a delivery system to improve cellular uptake of sub unit vaccines, cancer vaccines and therapeutics. In addition


N4 has recently acquired the rights to a range of patents from OPAL IP to allow it to reformulate a wide range of srugs using a range of techniques as well as its cocrystal approach.


Its first product in development is a 'reformulated' version of Sildenafil (Viagra) aimed at improving the onset of action and maintaining an effective dose of the drug during the therapeutic window to make it last longer.


In addition N4 also offers its Cocrys® service (the only process able to use Hot Melt Extrusion to manufacture co-crystals) and its Nuvac® technology to pharmaceutical companies with their own molecules that have issues with solubility or vaccine performance and need a commercially robust process to help take them into clinical trials.




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